Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rocket week 2 : decked out

Rocket Week 2: 33 km, and looking good!

Last week we did 33 km, using Rocket for a full week including some errands.

'Running Boards'

Daryl of Cargo Bikes NZ, who sold us Rocket, provides laser cut Marine Ply protective panels for the sides of the rear rack and the bottom parts of the rack.  I call these the 'running boards'.  I have sealed them with a marine grade varnish to protect them and enhance their durability.  Because I may be hanging panniers from the top of the board I have reinforced/protected it with some plastic edging from the hardware shop, and covered this with decorative duct tape (my daughter chose the design).  On the lower boards I have added non-slip adhesive tape, as I was concerned the gloss finish of the varnish would become slippery when wet, and this is where my daughter places her feet whilst mounting and dismounting, as well as riding, on Rocket. 
Left: The running boards are installed, with some decorative and functional improvements
Right: Wings added to Hi-Vis vest. 


I have purchased a high-vis vest for my daughter and added hi-vis fairy wings to it.  She loves it and usually doesn't want to take it off when we get to our destination.  The wings were made out of an op-shop visibility vest (cost $1.40) and some reflective piping (cost $4).  I was going to velcro them on but ended up just sewing them on instead.  My own hi-vis vest came courtesy of NZTA and their 'See the Person, Share the Road' campaign.  It says 'Mum' on the back and people keep asking where I got it!  I have also added a safety flag to Rocket.  Come winter I will add some lighting.

A spare flag added to the rear with help of some plastic tubing and cable ties.


For fun I've added a bike bell to my daughters handle bars, along with a homemade basket-bag that used to hang on her balance bike.  (It is made out of the leg of an old pair of jeans, with her initial appliquéd on it, and some fancy wool stitched on as a fringe, it is attached using cable ties through button holes).  We've taken some soft toy passengers in the rear basket, and my daughter is getting good at stowing whatever she wants to take in either the pannier or the basket.
A bell and basket-bag for my passenger

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