Thursday, 6 March 2014

A new way to get around: Rocket Week One

Before my first child was born he owned his first cycle helmet.  And so began our next phase of active transport, family style.  I will do a post on our historic efforts, but this one focuses on our latest  move forward, our new Yuba Mundo Cargo/Utility Bike!

The Decision
After seven years of extensive buggy use my feet and I had had enough.  I was looking for alternatives that would not turn my four year old into an olympic speed walker.  We cover 20 - 30 km a week - a lot to ask from little legs, either on foot or bike.   Our Wee-Hoo is great for adventures, but not so great for around town.  I'd spied kids perched on cargo bikes and found out more.  The Yuba Mundo seemed the go, and living on the flat, we opted not to get an electric version.  After looking out for a second hand one for ages, I drained my savings and bought a brand spanking new bright orange Yuba Mundo.  Yippee.

The Waiting
Good things come to those who wait, and it seemed a long week between ordering and receiving our new wheels.  However the wait gave us time to ponder names, and how we would personalise our ride.

The Arrival
The Yuba Mundo arrived Friday night and was named Rocket.  Rocket had marine ply laser cut side panels that needed to be sealed, so that was the first job.  Not being keen to wait on that long process, I cut temporary panels out of a cardboard shop display and attached them instead.  Colourful!

Two rear cushions, and handlebars for the front passenger.
In our first week, and incomplete week of use (pending temporary panels), we did 23 km.
The maiden voyage to school and pre-school, using elastics to secure the bag to the utility deck.
Spot the 'Estee Lauder' side panels!
Improvised lower attaching point for pannier

The 'Pimp your ride' plan
Attaching a pannier and basket
I set to work deciding how best to add features that would enable us to carry school bags, shopping, etc.  I've attached a basket using an old belt, and improvised a lower attaching point for a pannier.  I also set to designing a name sticker that can be attached to the completed side panels.

Yet another coat of marine grade varnish on the panels.

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